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   Welcome to Subang Flying Club, home to the Subang High Flyers.  We are based in Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Internationnal Airport, Subang, about 20 kilometers west of Kuala Lumpur city centre.   Our operations room cum clubhouse is situated in Terminal 3 Sky Park.. 


Want to have real fun?  Come and join us, the Flying Club that really goes places!!

As youngsters, many of us dream of becoming pilots. But few of us act on this dream.

The Subang Flying Club’s goal is to make flying accessible to people who yearn a bit of adventure but want to be safe.   That means proper training and  well equipped plus well maintained aircrafts.   We have 4 aircrafts, namely,  Cessna 150,  two Cessna 172's and a TB-20.  which are suited both to training the beginner and the advanced pilot, and to allowing qualified pilots to fly for business and pleasure.  They are maintained by our own team of eight full time mechanics.  We keep rates as low as possible and our membership includes a wide cross-section of society.  Our students range from those who wish to fly for fun, all the way to those taking the first steps on a flying career.  Flying with us could cost far less than you anticipate. And take you far farther.


Some say that flying is as easy as driving. Yes, it is a simple matter to direct an aircraft which is already in flight in a straight line, and maintain a more or less constant altitude. But how do you get it up there? And more importantly, how do you get it back down? Not to mention the complexities of meteorology, navigation, flight planning and radio work! Will you ever be able to master all of this? At Subang Flying Club, the emphasis is on education and safety. Students do not ever just "show up and fly". There is always meticulous preparation and often hard study before each component of flight training. 

But what is the point of learning to fly if you are not going anywhere?  At Subang Flying Club, we organize regular fly-in adventures to far off exotic places such as Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, Phuket, Mt Kinabalu, Mulu Caves and Sandakan. Sure, it is cheaper to fly first class commercial to these destinations, but for us, the adventure of getting there through challenging terrain and weather is all the fun.

So if you ever did harbour those dreams of flight, ACT on them.  Contact us and arrange to take to the skies.  An introductory flight also makes a perfect gift.

Our membership is open to pilots with all backgrounds and experience, as well as anyone interested in becoming a pilot.  If you have ever dreamed of piloting your own plane, soaring among the clouds, and leaving the earth far behind, then Subang Flying Club may be the right club for you!

The breadth of flying experience in our members is great.  There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a learning environment, seeking an expansion of your flying horizons, wanting to meet people with a common interest, or simply wanting to fly whenever you want.


Key Benefits
  • One time only joining fee of RM3800.00
  • No monthly fees
  • No advance payments
  • Pay as you fly
  • Use of club facilities and services
  • Rental of club aircraft
  • Approved by DCA for private pilot training
  • The only club with high performance single engine
  • Well equipped IFR rated aircrafts
  • Experienced and professional flight instructors
  • Participation in club organized flying adventure and event
  • No club politics



Contact Information

Club Operations Center

Terminal 3, Sultan Abdul Aziz Salahuddin Airport

, Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS 

47200 Selangor  

Tel: 0378469134  Fax 0378472135

Subang Maintenance Shop

Wira Kris Hangar, SAAS Airport

Electronic mail

General Information: info@subanghighflyers.com

Blue skies and happy landings